About QHWW

The Workshop was founded in September 2010 by Keija Parssinen, an Iowa Writers' Workshop alum, novelist, and teacher of fiction writing. Inspired by Columbia's vibrant creative spirit, Keija wanted to establish a home where area writers could share their work with peers, give and receive feedback on manuscripts, and learn about the craft of fiction writing. When Keija accepted a job at the University of Tulsa, the writer Gordon Sauer assumed directorship and continues to offer high-quality workshops in Columbia.

Modeled after Brooklyn's Sackett Street Workshop and the Iowa Writers' Workshop, QHWW provides careful instruction from an experienced teacher, thoughtful peer review, and a community of people who value the art of writing and understand its hardships and pleasures.

Whether you have just written your first short story, are putting the finishing touches on a manuscript, or have been published, the Quarry Heights Writers' Workshop has something to offer you!

Would you like to know more, or reserve your spot in the next workshop or retreat? Email Gordon today at quarryheightsworkshop@gmail.com.