Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Announcing an addition to the QHWW faculty!

Happy 2013!

With the new year comes exciting news: I'm delighted to announce the addition of talented fiction writer and teacher Lein Shory to the QHWW faculty!

Lein, who holds an MFA from Louisiana State University and has ten years of experience teaching writers, will lead the Spring 2013 Workshop.

This fall, I had the pleasure of working with Lein in class, and he impressed me with his skill, deep knowledge of literature and craft, as well as his insightful critique of other students' work. I know Lein will do a marvelous job leading the Spring Workshop!

If you are interested in registering for the class, please email me at The workshop will meet one evening per week over eight weeks in April and May 2013.

Below, please find Lein's full bio, as well as some of his thoughts on what makes the workshop model successful and beneficial.

Welcome, Lein!

About Lein

Lein Shory received an MA in English with creative writing emphasis at Auburn University, where he studied under novelist Elly Welt, author of BERLIN WILD, and an MFA from Louisiana State University, where he studied under Andrei Codrescu, Vance Bourjaily, Moira Crone, among others. He earned awards for his writing at both schools, including the LSU MFA Award for Fiction in 1995.

After teaching composition and creative writing for ten years at Auburn, LSU, and at Owensboro Community College in Owensboro, Kentucky, Lein worked as a web designer and as an education content editor for Houghton Mifflin in Chicago. He currently designs online courses for the eMINTS National Center at the University of Missouri.  

In the more Wild West days of the World Wide Web he experimented with fictional blogs and edited a small online literary zine, Zugernat, that featured early work of novelists Steve Weddle and Mary Jane Beaufrand.

His novel THE IRATE SAVANT and novella SECRETS OF COLUMBIANA were both semifinalists in their respective categories in the William Faulker - William Wisdom Creative Writing Competition. He is currently developing SECRETS OF COLUMBIANA into a novel.

While his reading tastes tend toward the literary, he is also a fan of young adult, fantasy, and science fiction.

In addition to his workshop and teaching experience, Lein feels one of the strengths he'll bring to the workshop is a healthy wariness of the workshop format.

"Writing can be as lonely and agonizing as it is rewarding," Lein says. "It does a writer no good to enter a hostile environment full of non-constructive criticism or workshop leaders who impose their particular vision. The best writing workshops are communities built on mutual trust and respect, in which a writer can find and develop his or her own unique voice."

"One of the things I admire about the Quarry Heights Writers' Workshop is the care that's taken to build a community of trust," he says. "I'm very pleased to have the opportunity to lead a workshop under the Quarry Heights banner."

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